Career Exploration

We will enable you to explore, enhance and develop your career options and help you to identify those 'hidden' careers and related career paths. You will also understand how your skills can be used across different industries and how to navigate a defined career route.

Interview Techniques

We will help you to make a professional impact at the interview stage and assist with the research and preparation needed to ensure that you have a positive experience. Even within an existing employment structure, you will be judged on your interview. Presentation, preparation and rehearsal are key.

Preparing for Work

Whether you are a first-time job seeker or a returner to work preparing to enter, or re-enter, the world of employment, we will spend time exploring your skills, interests and the many possibilities open to you. This can be exciting.

Career Diversity

Thinking of changing career paths? We can assist in the assessment process and help you to define where your true goals lie.

Management Skills

We can help you to develop organisational, motivational and leadership skills to make a positive impact within your company and on your staff. The effect of this can be to create a harmonious and productive working environment; greater productivity with more focus and less stress.

Research Skills

We can develop your research skills by applying your current knowledge and then uncovering related information to maximise your comprehension of job roles, employment sectors to ultimately reach your career goal.

Application Forms

These take time and effort to complete. We can help you identify and emphasise your key skills and strengths to match the job requirements and give you the best chance of meeting the selection criteria. We will also assist with supporting statements that evidence your abilities to the maximum.

Career Development

We can help you assess where you are now and how best to develop and enhance your skills and talents to maximise your career prospects.

Broadening Horizons

We will work with you to research and navigate to other roles or industries. What skills and knowledge are transferable and what can be developed to give greater opportunities.

CV Writing

Your CV is your ultimate marketing tool and needs to reflect not only your abilities, skills and employment history but also your personality and potential. The current and appropriate style of writing is what we have expert knowledge of.

Covering Letters

A covering letter must give the right impression and deliver a positive impact upon first read. We can help with guidance as to the right tone.

Career Progression

Will help you define where you are now and where you want to go. Knowledge of the paths and levels within a career structure are essential.

Assertiveness Training

We can help to proactively and constructively guide you to become an active participant in your job, team, department and company; to empower you to work more effectively and with more confidence.