"Elaine assisted in the teaching of difficult areas of business and PPD - both of which she approached in a positive and energetic manner. These areas are difficult to teach to vocational students who see them as being "soft" or "not relevant" but Elaine won the students over on both instances when she worked with us. She was tireless at getting students involved, chasing responses and making it real for the students. In both academic and mentoring roles, Elaine's skill-set and energy helped drive the events through to successful completion. I whole-heartedly recommend her for any mentoring, teaching and organisational role."

Robert Chapman-Ames

Subject Leader, Content Creation and Broadcasting, Ravensbourne College

"Elaine also helped many of the graduates get their foot in the door within some of the most difficult industries to enter. She has a talent for helping people either achieve their potential or realise what they can achieve. Elaine is passionate and will stand by what she believes in. She is an amazing woman and I hope to work with her again."

Elisa Simone

Director & Co-Founder, Hailstone Media

"Elaine is a one-stop wonder woman with an enviable amount of creativity, a contact book worth the world, a star personality and the ability to put any idea into practise. Elaine's positive, optimistic and practical sensibility are unique skills that every project (and every project manager) should never do without - no matter how many idea's I have ever had, Elaine has dissected them, elaborated them and delivered an outcome that some people could only dream or imagine ... there is no need for a magic wand on a project - I just call Elaine!"

Thomas Frake

Senior Producer, Bid TV

"Elaine has provided me with great support throughout the very early stages of my career. Her advice has been invaluable in both practical skills and interpersonal relationships leading to my employment in the broadcast industry. Despite not being an engineer herself, she's been able to mentor the engineering teams I've been part of such that we actually looked and worked like a professional team."

Daniel Cherowbrier

Team Leader, Baseband Systems, Arqiva

"Elaine is one of the people who never stops surprising me with her non-stop working attitude and her never ending list of contacts. It makes putting together a project a lot easier and enjoyable. At any time of day, or night for that matter, if I had an issue with any part of my projects, no matter how big or small, she would go out of her way to fix the issue and ensure the product is the fulfilled to its potential, and with Elaine only the best will do."

Will Coombes

Multi-Skilled Technical Operator CNBC

"Elaine was my Sessional Lecturer in Personal Profile Development at Ravensbourne. Elaine helped me build my confidence whilst I was easing myself into the professional world of Broadcasting. She has great personality and drive, which really inspires any student. I was so lucky to have her as one of my tutors."

Tommy Leigh

Editor, Marjan TV

"Elaine Carroll is dedicated, genuine and a born organiser. She was kind enough to mentor me through Rave on Air 2009 and her advice and support was invaluable. She always put the students first and no matter what time of day was happy to talk through a problem and suggest solutions. Elaine was there throughout my entire time at University and since graduating has never stopped helping in any area that she can. Her heart is always in the right place and doesn't believe in taking a job on without giving 100%!"

Laura Hannay

Events & Project Manager, RADA Enterprises

"Before I met Elaine, I would be more than comfortable sat at the back of a room being told what to do by someone else. Elaine though would encourage to me to stand up and give my views, if it wasn't for her guidance I would never have been doing the things I do now. She managed to get my full potential out of me in a way that I'd never have thought possible before I met her."

Ricky Martin

Sound Editor/Media Superisor, Run VT

"Elaine has been a great support, mentor and friend over the years. From our first encounter in 2007, in my student days, I realised she was a valuable source of information and knowledge. She has an invaluable ability to understand people and their needs, lending a hand wherever she can. Elaine, more commonly known as ‘the woman who gets things done’, has the solutions or knows someone or something to solve most problems. She has a great can-do attitude, is very well connected and is a pleasure to work with."

David Jackson

Creative Director, FORMAT.LDN